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Angel Gallegos
Managing Partner
Peter Trevino
Managing Partner
Our Story

On an innocent Saturday afternoon, Angel Gallegos, Peter Trevino, and Sylvester Palacios gathered at their favorite bar, reminiscing about old times and sharing dreams for the future. After their third tequila shot, Angel blurted out, "I want our own tequila."

Peter, intrigued, asked, "And what are we going to call this tequila?" Angel glanced at the TV where the University of Texas football team had just scored a touchdown, and boldly declared, “Dos Cuernos."

At that moment, Sylvester joined them, and before he could order a drink, Angel and Peter asked, “We’re going to start our own tequila. Do you want to go on this adventure with us?” Sylvester chuckled, and after thirty minutes, two beers, and four shots, he agreed.

From there, the Dos Cuernos trio was born, rooted in the bonds of family, friendship, and the desire to create lasting memories. With a determination to create the perfect tequila, they set their sights on Mexico, the heartland of agave. They embarked on a journey through the rugged landscapes, visiting countless distilleries and learning the intricate art of tequila making from local experts. Each step of the way, they were guided by their commitment to produce a tequila that captured the essence of their shared experiences and the spirit of togetherness.

Through trials and tastings, they sought to find the perfect recipe, one that embodied the warmth of their friendships and the legacy they wished to build. After months of exploration and experimentation, they finally crafted a tequila that met their vision. Dos Cuernos was not just a drink; it was a celebration of family and friends, a testament to the enduring power of shared moments.

Today, Dos Cuernos tequila is more than a brand – it’s a tribute to the journey of three friends who believed in the magic of coming together to create something extraordinary. With each bottle, they share a piece of their story, inviting their loyal followers to join in the celebration of life’s precious moments.